Nelscott Reef, Oregon is the next event on the
Big Wave World Tour also check out the recent article featuring Gary Linden in Transworld Surf
Having the right board grants confidence and the Big Wave Movement is in full progression with guys like Jensen Hassett leading the charge!

..more pics coming out of Mexico- Future star ten year old Sebastian Williams made Surfline on his Linden 5'0grom model- see more on youtube

The Big Wave World Tour officially kicked off its new season in Chile at Punta de Lobos on May 19th. Thanks to Quiksilver, Suzuki, Sobe, Corona and many others that made this event possible. The contest was a huge success with local guy Christian Merrello taking first place. Gabriel Villaran 2nd, Mark Healey 5th and Ramon Navarro 9th (photo) were going for it on their Linden Guns.
More photos and video on the event website

Alfie Cater scored Mavericks for the first time on his new Linden Gun and got a 2 page spread in SURFER

Where you can usually find Ryan Bracker is in the barrel.. He scored a full page photo in Surfing's May Issue and also was featured on Surfline. A true soul surfer who's been getting great pics lately at his home spot (Blacks Beach) Linden Team rider Jairo Perez is still claiming his local dominance at home and is establishing himself as "Costa Rica's Future"This season started right for big wave riders around the globe. The Nelscott Reef Event saw some monster waves being paddled into by a core crew of chargers, including Gary Linden. The Eddie Aikau went off on a perfect day, with Gary surfing Waimea both the day before and the day after the event celebrating his 60th birthday.
The Cortez Bank was finally paddled into and during this epic 1st paddle session, Dungeon's and Mavericks's winner Grant "Twiggy" Baker put his 3 stringers Linden to go use (see pic above from Others top riders enjoying their new Linden guns are Mark Healey - who despite a knee injury got his board ready with his Quiksilver sticker for his session at Todos Santos (see picture from Surfline)- -Jensen Hassett also got a new gun for Waimea and Todos and score the wipe-out of the week in Surfline on an Hawaiian outer reef. Of course Mavericks's local Tyler Fox scored some bombs during the start of the season on his new 8'6, keeping his new 9'2 for the even bigger swells... Check Tyler's pics on local photographer Seth Migdail's Facebook page ... Half of the big wave winter season is still ahead of us with the Mavericks and the Todos Santos Big Wave event to be held and many more big

2009/2010 Mavericks Surf Contest® Presented by Sony Ericsson - 24 elite surfers will soon be getting a call telling them the two words they live to hear: “It’s on.” Gary Linden is Head Judge.

(Feb 2006 view from the judging tent)

Nelscott Reef Big Wave Paddle In Invitational
Gary finished in 6th place. Anthony Tashnick wins the paddle in. Ross Clark Jones wins the Kingfish / waterman & Alister Craft & Adam Reploge win for the 3rd time in the Nelscott Tow-in Classic.

Linden team rider Tyler Fox finished 2nd in the Kingfish riding his 8'6 Linden. results & pics on

Gary Linden has been busy making boards in between stops in central and south america and is gearing up for the west coast big wave season. The Recycler was auctioned at ASR San Diego Sept 10-11 Angelo Lozano made it to the finals again this year at his home break - The Quiksilver Pro Puerto Escondido

Francisco Bellorin is ranked first in the open and junior division ALAS Latin American Tour

The 2008 Mavericks Opening Ceremony was held on January 6th, Gary Linden head Judge of the event was among Jeff Clark and all competitors on the beach to celebrate this unique moment in Big Wave Riding. After the ceremony Gary was among the few surfers who decided to go out in smaller stormier Mavericks to catch a celebratory wave. Gary with is brand new 9'6 Balsa Quad gun "got the heat" as competitor Mike Gerhard reclled, catching a nice 12 footer connecting it all the way to the inside. The new 9'6 is a paddling machine! All guys including new invitee Chris Bertish were impressed by Gary's speed paddling the 9'6. Chris actually thought Gary was on a 10'6. Surfline published a nice pic of Gary at the opening ceremony well representing the feeling among competitors, stoked to have Gary who they see charging as hard as they are heading the judging! We are looking forward for the event which will be held on a perfect big day in between now and March 31st...
Gary Linden won 5th place at the first ever paddle-in Nelscott Reef Big Wave Invitational in 25 to 35 foot face waves. It's the 1st time Nelscott Reef has really been surfed with bare arms and Gary showed the young pros that the old guard still charges! Full Story on Surfline Angelo Lozano won the 3 stars WQS contest in Puerto Escondido, Mexico. He dominated the event getting big scores in all his heats. The waves were 6-8 feet throughout the event in "some of the best conditions in a contest ever", as many competitors put it. Angelo won in perfect heavy surf, proving he is the new kid on the block! Mike Lambresi is back surfing contests against kids half his age! He's been ripping down in Baja before coming back to his home turf in Oceanside where his powerful surfing is getting noticed! Zach Rhinehart came back from a month in Bali with some killer pics and a few new trics in his bag. Check out the Billabong Free Wave Surfing Videos featuring Zach
backside shuvit
switch barrel to air

Gary Linden has been invited to the "Paddle-In Nelscott Reef Big Wave Contest" along big waves chargers like Greg Long (08 Mavericks winner), Shane Desmond (XXL paddle-in winner), etc. During the previous years the Nelscoot Reef contest in Oregon was only a tow-in contest, however, this year, due to his past success, John Forse from Nelscott Reef Surf Shop took the decision to run a paddle-in event along the tow contest. The decision seemed then natural to invite big wave rider Gary Linden to represent along with Clyde Aikau, the always charging "old guard". Gary Linden has been present at most of the big waves contests around the globe as a head judge (Mavericks) or Contest Director (Red Bull Big Wave Africa), however, he hasn't yet participated as a competitors. Gary won the Master division of the last contest he participated as a competitor in Peru, but this will be the first time he wears a contest jersey during a big wave event. Gary's constent presence in the line-up during big days at Dungeon, Mavericks and Todos Santos makes him a natural candidate for this event. Gary's experience at sittting outside to catch the biggest wave will give the younger pros a run for their money! "This is a great honor to be invited to this event" declared Gary Linden really excited by the challenge, "I regularly freesurf  big days with those guys, I can't wait to have them on my heat and catch a bomb!"
The event window is from October to December... stay posted for more info....
South Africa -Gary Linden recently returned from Cape Town where the Red Bull Big Wave Africa went. What an insane contest, the 15 to 20 foot sets and clean conditions were a fitting way to celebrate the event's 10th year. After the prizegiving, conducted in front of a huge and vocal crowd from the Nauticat, quayside in Hout Bay Harbour, the full final results are: Twiggy Baker (RSA) in first, Carlos Burle (BRZ) second, Greg Long (USA) third-
Also a 70ft wave was caught by Twiggy
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and more..
Jairo Perez, Linden Team Rider from Jaco - Costa Rica, is on the cover of Surfos (distributed all around Latin America). The beautiful cover shot (by Agustin Munoz) shows up logos and style! Jairo is Costa Rica Junior senstaion! He won the Junior Championships several times. Jairo will be representing Costa Rica in the up coming Junior World Championships in France.
Angelo Lozano scored a 2page spread in Surfer Mag and Scott Aichner takes amazing photos!
Angelo's been traveling alot after winning the 2008 American Cup in Acapulco (April), just finished 3rd in the Mexican Championship in Río Nexpa, Michoacán. Angelo who mostly concentrate on the ALAS tour also set up the goal to win the Mexican Championships! Angelo also got a killer barrel pic in the high quality surf magazine "Water".
Coco Ramirez, also from Puerto Escondido, scored a Squalo ad in Transword.
Matt King was in Europe pursuing some WQS points and just finished 17th in the Vendee Pro in France.
Francisco "Lolo" Bellorin, Venezuelan Linden Team Rider, just won the Reef Classic Panama ALAS 2008 (march). Lolo dominated the final scoring 2 high rides in the first 5 minutes of the final! After winning last year the Junior ALAS tour division, Lolo is now at the 1st place in the open ranking. Lolo for the second time in his short carreer ended up in both Junior and Open finals

This is not all for the Linden Latin team during this event, Angelo Lozano reached the round of 16 in open and Costa Rican Jairo Perez got the highest wave score of the event with a 9.67 points (out of ten) and reach the quarter finals in Junior (Jairo doesn't yet follow full time the ALAS tour). With again great results during this ALAS contest in Panama, Linden Surfboards confirms its dominant place in Latin surfing!!"ASP Int’l Emerging Nations" Angelo Lozano surfed the Billabong world junior pro in Australia as the one surfer to represent Mexico -ut recently on the ALAS Tour at México-Playa Las Escolleras, He took the victory of the Junior Pro with his complete tricks.

Ryan Bracker, riding his beloved 6'6 Linden made it to the cover of the March issue of Surfshot!! Surfshot is the premiere Califronia Magazine distributed all around the coast. Ryan who has been named "La Jolla's Legend" and "Black's Kingpin" by Surfer and Surfing Mag respectively shows that he deserves well his title as the best San Diego free surfer.

In the same issue, new team rider Tyler Fox, also got coverage with a nice pic from Indo riding his 1st Linden 6'0. Tyler is also in the running for the XXL Challenge and was recently featured on Fuel TV.

New Ad by Dingo welcoming Jeremias "Mica" De Silva to our team!! Mica is one of Brazil's top longboarders, and just competed in the Oxbow World Championships in France (May, 2007) where he finished in the top 10 (as in the JBay Championships). Welcome in the Linden's team Mica and good luck!!...Once again, Cannon Beach Surf Shop in Oregon is our top- selling dealer! So, if you cruise around the Oregon coast stop by their shop you'll be up for a treat! Just don't believe what the owner Mark is telling you about Linden's manager Pierre...
While in Oregon also stop by Nelscott Reef Surf Shop, who now carries Linden Surfboards. Own by John Forse the organizer of the Tow-in Nelscott Reef contest, this shop carries it all from towboards to shortboards...

Check out these pics of Darcy Delao by James Queen. Darcy is part of the US Deaf Surfing Association and will be competing in the International Deaf Surfriders Association bi-annual World Championships in Miyazaki (Japan) in September. Darcy lives in Huntington Beach, CA and he likes to party, surf, party, surf and love his friends!!
For more info about the Deaf surfing association check out

Check out our ongoing campaign in Longboard Mag! You can get the beautiful Balsa fish that Gary is shaping in June and July ad at Icons of Surf in San Clemente.

Linden presence in Latin America is strong from Mexico to Ecuador, where the local mag "Radical" constantly published pics of our local team riders like Juan Pablo Catan. Thanks to editor Gustavo Plaza who has been riding Linden
for ever and always bring back Linden boards down there for his fellow surfers!

In Brazil too, Linden's presence is strong! This spring Venice Magazine one of brazil's iconic surfing magazine, published a lengthy article retracing Gary Linden biography and Brazilian influence. This really nice article features many archives pics of Gary, who first discovered Brazil in 1972 and had a tremendous influence on the shaping scene there ever since.





This column showcases the newest boards coming from the LINDEN factory

Jensen Hassett

Tyler Fox gets the ride of the day on opening session at Mavericks dixit local legend Jeff Clark on his blog. Saturday November 7th Mavericks broke and Tyler was on it riding his 8'6 Linden gun

Leandro Usuna from Argentina is joining the Linden South American Surf Team. In addition to a few National championships under his belt, Leandro is in the Top 6 this year of the ALAS ranking, proving he is among the best Latin riders. We're pleased to welcome him to the team as not only he surfs insane but he is also a nice guy with a big smile!

A new batch of Gary Linden Guns are being made for the top guys on the Big Wave World Tour -This new design is now on the computer and ready to make custom for you.
Mar Bravo Surf Shop has the largest selection of Gary Linden Surfboards and Dick Brewer Surfboards in the world. Located next door to the Linden Factory -1027 S. Cleveland Street Oceanside, CA 92054

Check out the unmasked article featuring Gary Linden on Magic Seaweed

Kolohe Andino just took delivery of his new balsa Linden - and straight to the Mentawais to try it!
single fin
High perf 9'0

Read the Gary Linden article on

Lunar model

5'8 parabolic nu b fish twin
Josh Curran has been destroying Oxnard on his 5'10 parabolic S model

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Mike Lambresi
Young Puerto charger
Mica De Silva
Growler and his dream board